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Design House is a uniquely creative alliance lead by the powerhouse daughter-father duo, Janine Geller and Alan David Cohen. This multi-generational team offers years of unmatched experience and interests that range from art, architecture and dance to science, travel, and business. As a result, Design House speaks the language of its clients, Spanish and English, and intuitively, elegantly, and beautifully translate that language into exquisite living spaces.

Jaine Geller


As Design House’s Principal, Janine Geller knows how to make her clients feel at home. With a keen eye for the eclectic, the exotic, the cozy, and the beautiful, Geller’s work captures intimacy and adventure, transforming them into unique and personal living spaces. Her design style flows seamlessly throughout the space expressing a feeling rather than just a design.  Geller believes one’s home should be a reflection of their lifestyle and personality.

She was born in Lima Peru, raised in South Florida and graduated from Parsons school of design with a Bachelors in Interior Design.  As a dancer, a visual artist, and daughter of a textile entrepreneur, she grew up appreciating the sounds and design of both art and beauty.

Janine Geller’s love of fashion, culture, and travel meshed with her passion for family form DH’s distinct offerings.  The Design House team provides discerning clients with a service unlike any other in the interior design world. Their full-service designs capture their clients’ one of a kind stories. A DH design is so catered to the client’s life experience, loves, and desires that it is impossible to make any two the same.


“Alan David” Cohen is Design House’s  inspiring, licensed Creative Director. His work and career are a testament to creative manifestation. Considered a designer’s designer by his peers, his ability to reproduce the images from his imagination and his innate, deep understanding of spatial planning have catapulted him to unrivalled success as an interior and furniture designer and equally important, a space sculptor.

Born just outside of Boston, Alan found his passion with the encouragement of several of his art teachers. They introduced him to and helped him develop his natural talents in everything from perspective drawing, shading and spatial arrangement to hand rendering and scale.  Still “old school” in that way, Cohen draws each area to a level of detail that misses nothing and encompasses everything.    After having trained with Swedish masters in Boston as a cabinet maker for four years, he launched his highly acclaimed career as a furniture designer & manufacturer.   But, it is the honing of those skills that he developed over many years that has come to define Cohen’s most impressive talent – his ability to recognize and satisfy the creative needs of his clients. “Listening to what your client has to say is paramount” according to Cohen.

Now that Cohen has merged with his stepdaughter, Janine Geller, they, together, have created a remarkable full-service luxury interior design firm unlike any other. Currently, Design House Studio, LLC is designing several remarkable estate level homes in Stone Creek Ranch, Boca / Delray’s premier luxury estate community, as well as homes in St Andrews Country Club, Highland Beach Ocean Front, and Turnberry Ocean Front Residences .

“I am incredibly fortunate to do what I love. There is no separating my professional from my personal life – it is all personal to me.”


Juan Reynoso is Design House’s detail-oriented, resourceful Computer Automated Design Coordinator, who is responsible for executing, creating and overseeing CAD design to meet the exacting standards of DH’s clientele. Having grown up in a family of architects and engineers in the Dominican Republic, you can say Juan carries the love for architecture and design in DNA. He followed in their footsteps by studying architecture at Pedro Henriquez Uneña (UNPHU) University, one of the best architecture schools in the country, before moving to the United States and beginning his work in interior design in 2006.

Now, Juan works hand-in-hand with the studio Designer Directors, providing guidance, direction and support where needed, making sure the teams are working together seamlessly in the process of producing excellent design. When not at work, you can catch this avid traveler at the beach planning his next great adventure.


Virginia is Design House’s multi-talented office director. She grew up in Uruguay and moved to the United States to create a better life for her and her daughter. From a young age, she has always been interested in interior design, architecture, and numbers. For the last several years, she has taken courses and received intense training in accounting and bookkeeping. Utilizing these courses and her life experiences she has flourished and is a successful office leader.

Virginia is responsible for Design House’s accounting, purchasing, new hire training, and assists the lead designers with selections and presentations. She’s sets an example with her organization attentiveness, and passion about her work. In her free time, you can find her at the gym, playing piano, or enjoying a cup of coffee.


Paola Zacarias is blessed with the unique talent for adding energy, creativity and beauty to her environment. When it comes to her role at Design House, it is more than just a job – it’s a vocation.

Several years after graduating with her degree in Architecture from La Universidad de los Andes in Merida, Venezuela, Paola left her position as a junior architect to follow her dream of working in interior design. Now, after several years at Design House, it’s clear to see this is her true calling.

At Design House, Paola assists the lead designers with all the tasks needed to complete their projects beautifully. From helping with material selections to leading the company’s internship program, Paola makes sure everyone is set up for success. When not immersed in design at the office, you’ll find her at home exploring her creativity by painting, crafting and honing her sewing skills.


Brittney Diamond is DH’s social media savvy and design-loving executive assistant. She attended Florida International University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and used her training, talents and intuition to forge a career within the industry she loves.

Brittney previously worked at a multinational software company before turning to her true passion — interior design. As Alan and Janine’s right-hand woman, she manages the day-to-day schedule, keeps track of ongoing projects, makes sure the office is as organized as she is, all while managing to look ahead and help the team meet marketing objectives through creative social content. When she’s not in the office, you can catch Brittney riding her bike, practicing yoga, or at the beach.


Jennifer Calvo is a natural when it comes to design. As Design House’s Sponsored Apprentice, she’s poised and ready for an amazing journey as she lends a helping hand to the leadership team, doing her part to ensure the operation is running smoothly. On any given day, you can find her helping designers with their project specs, assisting in product selection, or following up with vendors to ensure that orders are delivered in a timely fashion.

Jennifer is currently studying at the Miami International University of Art & Design – The Art Institute and spends her time away from work and school finding inspiration in music, painting, reading, and nature.

At Design House, our incredible team is committed to providing our projects with designs that are truly unique, individualized and impeccably detailed to seamlessly suit the personalities, function and style of our clients.  There is no predetermined style and no cookie cutter aesthetic — every project is its own distinct expression of our client’s personal story.

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